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Me as a baby.Mark A. Taff
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The American Red Cross fed me as I was helping build a levy in the Dix Addition during the flood of 1993 in Manhattan, Kansas, and I am honored to support them.

Welcome to! This site continues to evolve consistent with punctuated equilibrium. I still take photos as I travel around the Pacific Northwest, though I am no longer publishing new photos. I need to rewrite the scripts that I use to process and tag the raw images; perhaps I'll just switch to using flickr. I have added a new wallpapers section that features wallpapers I've created in 13 popular screen resolutions, plus wallpapers specially sized for mobile devices. Hope you like them. I've added some more to the 'About Me' page, including a few photos.

In other news, I am going back to college (Bellevue Community College) to get an A.S. in Pre-Engineering, leading eventually to a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. I expect to get my A.S. in Spring of 2010. As of this writing, I've aced Macroeconomics, Engineering Graphics (a.k.a. drafting), and Fundamentals of Computer Science I(C++). I got an A- in General Inorganic & Physical Chemistry I and a B+ in Trigonometry. While not ideal, it is acceptable. As to the Trig, there were some holes in my understanding of algebra, so I went back and audited Precalculus I rather than moving directly on to Calculus I. That gave me a solid foundation to build on.

I aced Technical Report Writing & audited Precalculus I. This fall I'll be taking Calculus I, General Inorganic & Physical Chemistry II, and German I.

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