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Me as a baby.Mark A. Taff
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This site was designed at a resolution of 1680x1050 pixels. It should function well at lower resolutions; however, it may be a bit scrunched at 640x480 (fortunately very few people run at such small resolutions anymore).

This site is written to conform to Internet standards, specifically XHTML and CSS. The links at the bottom of each page allow me (and you!) to validate that the page conforms to these standards. If a page doesn't validate, it's a bug.

This site was tested with Konqueror, Firefox, Lynx, Mozilla, Galeon, and Opera. It renders acceptably on all of these (the only one with a minor bug is Opera). I don't have access to a Mac, but being Konqi's child, Safari shares most of its code with KHTML (Konqi's html renderer), so I am hope it will render acceptably on Safari as well.

I really don't care how this site renders on Internet Explorer, as long as it is usable (Hey, this isn't a commercial site!). If it doesn't render correctly, maybe it's time to think about getting a browser that can properly render standards-compliant pages?

The following software was used in the design and construction of this site:

SuSE Linux Professional

I've used Redhat™, Mandrake™, and SuSE™ distributions of Linux. I've been on SuSE since version 8.2. For me at least, it is the right combination of "it just works" and still letting me hack. ;-) If you are a MS Windows™ user and want to give Linux™ a spin, I suggest you download a SuSE Linux Live-Eval CD image, then burn it to a CD-R. This will allow you to test-drive SuSE Linux without having to give up MS Windows; or change your existing MS installation in any way. Keep in mind it will run slower than usual, as it runs completely off the CD-R, without installing anything.

The K Desktop Environment

Use it. What more can I say? KDE™ is clean, powerful, customizable, stable, pretty. I've used it since version 2.1, and it keeps getting better with age. I can't wait until 3.4 comes out!

Qunata Plus

To be honest, I don't use very many of Quanta's features, as I hand-code all my pages. However, the auxillary services like project management, upload, documentation, tag-completion, etc., do make it a very nice environment for building web pages.


Ah, my beloved Konqi. Just about everything a geek could ask for in a file manager, web browser, and multi-format document viewer.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox was used to help test this site. While it's Gnome implementation is graphically quite ugly compared to KDE, it does seem to be a very competent browser. If you are running Windows, I suggest you download the Windows version and ditch Internet Explorer. It is much safer, more secure, and has more features, but do note that it is still important to keep up-to-date with security updates—for Internet Explorer, too. Just having IE installed is a security risk. Remember, software is written by humans, and we tend to make mistakes from time to time!


KIconEdit was used to resize and reduce the colors in the source *.png for my favicon.ico.

The Gimp

The Gimp was used for my logo, and will likely be used for many other images. It is a photoshop-like graphics tool for GNU systems.

The following software deserves an honorable mention:

Kate (KDE Advanced Text Editor)

Kate is far and way the best text editor ever written, unless you like vi or emacs, which I don't, so I stand by my statement. ;-) Kate deserves this mention because the Kate part is the text editor used inside Quanta, KDevelop, and other applications.


I used png2ico to convert a *.png to an *.ico for my favicon.ico.