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Me as a baby.Mark A. Taff
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This portfolio contains an inexhaustive sample of my work sufficient to positively demonstrate my capabilities as a developer and designer.

Under Development

Recent Websites

These are the most recent websites I have written from scratch by myself.

Legacy Websites

These are some legacy websites authored by others, that I update to keep them at least clinging to life until they are redeveloped properly.

Banner Advertisements

These are some of my recent banner ads. You may have to turn off your ad-blocking software or proxy to see all of the ads below.







This is a recent javascript I wrote.


Here are some recent shell scripts.

Qt 4/C++

This is a d-pointered class I wrote for libkdegames for the upcoming version 4.0 of KDE, the K Desktop Environment. The class manipulates and transforms a SVG document in DOM.

Here are some of the toy programs I wrote for my CS 210 course.



Visual Basic

This is a function I wrote extending a legacy application to somewhat optimize the bandwidth used for mass emailing alerts to an organization's membership.

VB Script